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Welcome to Husky Dog Training a site dedicated to all aspects of training your dog.. from puppy training to Remote Pager Training, and if you’ve never heard of Pager Training before, then you are in for a treat!

why pager training?

Remote Pager e-Collar training is the most effective way to set up a line of communication between you and your dog. Once this line of communication has been established we can leverage it to highly motivate commanded and desirable behaviour whilst also being able to discourage undesirable behaviour regardless of distance.

This system of Dog Training can be applied to ANY dog and not just Huskies, without fear of diminishing it’s spirit. In fact, with proper technique it brings on the dogs best performance regardless of temperament and you will start to see a marked improvement in the dogs attitude towards your commands.. the results are astonishing and often need to be seen to be believed.


How Can husky dog training help?

I want to  to give you absolutely everything to help get you started and set you and your dog up to achieve the success you both deserve. Amazing results with ALL breeds!

  • e-Book -  on how to get started with Remote Pager Training! Pick yourself up a copy TODAY!
  • JustinandSummerTV – Video diary of our training with tips and advice in response to our viewers or just fun days out with the Dogs :)
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